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Hebei (Handan) fastener industry internet and Industry Investment Exchange Conference


On May 28, Hebei (Handan) fastener industry internet and industry investment promotion exchange conference was held, which was sponsored by Yongnian district government and Handan construction investment group. With the theme of "scientific and technological innovation, combination of industry and finance, and industrial investment promotion", the leaders of nearly 100 industrial Internet and financial technology enterprises gathered in Handan to contribute to the high-quality development of fastener industry.

Handan Yongnian fastener industry is one of the top ten characteristic industries in Hebei Province, with an annual output of 4.6 million tons, an output value of 30.1 billion yuan, and a production and sales volume of about 55% of the whole country. It has the advantages of the largest scale in China, the largest market in China, the most perfect industrial chain in China, logistics coverage in the whole country, and sales radiation in the world. It is known as the fastener capital of China. With the mission of "serving the regional economy and promoting transformation and upgrading", Handan construction investment group focuses on the development of industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing and supply chain services to better serve the development of the real economy.

During the conference, we had in-depth exchanges with the visitors around the theme, and gave positive comments on the holding of the conference. They said that Handan has a strong industrial foundation, obvious geographical advantages and huge development potential, especially the development of fastener industry is world-renowned. At present, the industrial Internet is in the golden period of development. Through scientific and technological innovation and the combination of industry and finance, we will run the supply chain service through all links of the industrial chain, use artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other means to better help solve the problems in the development of Handan fastener enterprises, further enhance the competitiveness and industrial concentration of enterprises, and accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality development.

The signing ceremony of the project was also held.